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Vicky Green - The Radical Celebrant

My name is Vicky and I am otherwise known as The Radical Celebrant. The Radical Celebrant was born from a desire to offer Celebrant-led ceremonies for who you are, how you live & how you love. I focus on providing meaningful ceremonies for people whose relationships aren’t typically represented in the mainstream. I provide a service where Poly love and family is recognised and celebrated; where alternative lifestyle ceremonies are understood; and where Queer love of all kinds is centred.

Every ceremony I create is unique, and built from the bottom up, for you, telling your story, and reflecting your personality and who you are.  Some of the ceremonies I offer are outlined in the sections below, but this isn’t an exhaustive list. I can help you mark all those milestones in your life and relationships.

My absolute driving principle is that EVERYONE should be able to celebrate and commemorate in a way which is true and authentic and about them. You will never have to justify and explain you or your relationships to me. 

Read on to learn about my Fairy Oddmother service too!

What I do

As a celebrant I’m trained and qualified to deliver ceremonies and rituals which mark all those important milestones in life. I apply this skill, my passion for your love stories and understanding of alternative lifestyles to doing just that, but with YOUR relationship at the centre.

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Commitment ceremonies

Everyone loves a wedding. A wedding is a beautiful representation of your love and commitment to each other. It’s fair to say though, that sometimes individuals, couples, throuples, poly families and those who’s love and relationships aren’t ‘the typical’ sometimes find it hard to find themselves represented in the wedding industry. It can also be daunting to try and explain from scratch to a celebrant or religious leader, what the dynamics of your relationships are.

With me, you don’t have to worry – I get it. It’s why I’m here – to offer alternative, radical and authentic commitment ceremonies – in whichever form you like.

A celebrant can’t legally marry two people (at the moment), and the beauty of this is that it’s not about the legal paper, it’s about the beautiful day where your relationships are at the heart.

Contact me and we can talk about making all your ‘big day’ dreams a reality!

Family and Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies come in many forms.  They are becoming an increasingly popular option for parents and guardians who want to celebrate the birth of their child and welcome them into the world when a Christening or other religious ceremony isn't the right choice for them. It introduces them to the world and their network of love and support who will form part of their early life and beyond.

Family ceremonies can also welcome new additions to your family, whatever the age. You can build whatever elements you like in to the ceremony including readings, poems, music, promises or rituals such as sand ceremonies or candle lighting which symbolically bring individuals in your family together.

By having a celebrant who understands your poly family, we can provide naming ceremonies, and family ceremonies which involve and blend all members of the family in beautiful and meaningful ways.

But naming ceremonies are also a wonderful option for some Trans folks, giving people an opportunity to re-introduce themselves into their family and community as their whole selves, or to mark their journey or transition in a meaningful way. I offer naming ceremonies for trans and enby people free of charge at the moment, as I believe it’s a small way I can be an ally in these difficult times. If you’d like to know more about the detail, please contact me.

Alternative ceremonies

Love and commitment is not just pastel rose petals and long walks on the beach (although, we all love a bit of that!). Sometimes beautiful, loving and consensual relationships are forged in the beauty and vulnerability of trust and submission, and the honour and courage of dominance.

I offer, amongst other ceremonies, beautiful hand crafted, bespoke collaring ceremonies or handtyings, regardless of how you love, or the lifestyle or relationship dynamic you have.

These ceremonies are always incredibly special, and I can help you create the perfect ceremony to reflect your love and commitment. Contact me to discuss more.

Funerals and Celebration of Life

I can also help you say goodbye to family, loved ones and friends, by leading highly personal funerals, cremations, burials or celebrations of life. A celebration of someone's life and a ceremony which remembers the whole life they lived and celebrated their legacy and memory can be a beautiful and healing experience.
Also, and all too sadly, I am aware of how, when people live alternative lifestyles, those they leave behind can sometimes be overlooked when they pass away. On these occasions, a memorial and celebration of life can be a way for loved ones and friends to come together to say their farewells and remember the person they knew.

Fairy 'Oddmother' Service

If your ceremony is taking place in a venue that isn’t usually set up for weddings and the like, there can often be a lot to think about. This is where your Fairy Oddmother comes in. I’m not an event planner (but I might be able to source you one!) But I can offer support and organisation for your event and on the day.

Does someone need a lift from the station? Forgot the cake? Need a playlist? Fear not, your Fairy Oddmother will sort it!


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